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PoE 432P Mini DC UPS 25Watt 5v 9v 12v & PoE support 15/24v

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PoE 432P Mini DC UPS 25Watt DC 5v 9v 12v with PoE 15/24v LAN ports (Gigabit Power Over Ethernet Support)

SKE presents  new version of "PoE 432P Mini DC UPS"  is a Power Over Ethernet supported technology that lets network cables carry electrical power. This is a versatile mini uninterruptible power supply system which can provide you Internet & Power power backup together in a single Cat6 wire with 15/24 volts. This UPS has reached to latest advancement than any other traditional mini ups.
Therefore you can easily run PoE Supported WIFI Router as well as traditional Router, ONU/MC,  IP Cam/CC Cam, Door lock, Finger print scanner and so on with it. Mobile phones & all kind of Tab can be charged easily.It is capable to give you a longer power backup up to 4 - 8hrs as per your devices power consumption. However, this is commonly used for seamless internet connection with Wifi Router +Onu/MC/Modem + switch during load shedding. It can also Protect your valuable router and ONU / MC from lightning & power SURGE using the SKE mini dc ups.

At a glance…

Supports the latest technology of Gigabit PoE (Power Over Ethernet).
No need extra Power Adapter (Directly runs with AC current).
Used as a long ideal power backup for Wifi Router + ONU/Modem + Switches up to 8hrs.
Powerful Battery 8800mah durable battery with DC to DC 5v/9v/12v & PoE 15v/24v selectable ports.
Smart cheap control with zero conversion.
Protection circuit Overcharge protection(system protection).
Battery protection.
  Product Description •Portable •With Li battery 8800mAh •DC output five separate ports of Volts 5v/9v/12v & Gigabit PoE 15v/24v including •With 5v USB port •Input Voltage :100V – 240V AC •Small DC communication equipment, network peripherals such as: Modem, routers etc. •Constant DC output, long backup time, smart chip control, zero transition.
  *** ISP merchants can use this Mini UPS in each of their boxes to provide round-the-clock internet service to the customers. Product Packaging 1.PoE 432P Mini DC UPS 2. 1pcs Y Cable 3. 1pcs DC-DC Cable 4. 1pcs AC Cord