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3-24 volts 3Amp Adjustable Universal Power Adapter with Display

670.00 ৳ 

3-24volts Adjustable Universal Charging Power Adapter with Display

  • Model : 2403000
  • Input: AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: DC 3V~24V 3A Adjustable
  • Output Current/Wattage: 3A, 72W Max
  • 3Ampere Maximum Output
Made In China

(Specially for SK616 Mini DC UPS)

Samsung 12v 5A Genuine Charger Recommended for WGP UPS

Original price was: 700.00 ৳ .Current price is: 500.00 ৳ .

Samsung (Genuine) 12v 5A (60W) Charger Adapter for WGP UPS with AC Cord

Delta Electronics (Genuine) AC/DC Power Adapter Model: EADP-36BA B Input: 100-240v~1.2A 50/60Hz Output : 12volts, 2~5A Efficiency Level: V   ***To Buy*** 12v 2A Genuine Power Adapter.... Click Here