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Wgp mini ups in Bangladesh

wgp mini ups in bangladesh

Wgp mini ups in Bangladesh

U.D.G – Useful Daily Gadgets is the first and only authorized importer of wgp mini ups in Bangladesh since 2018.

wgp mini dc ups is the ideal Online mini dc smart ups which is an ideal power backup system for Wifi Router/ONU/MC/Switch/MODEM/IP CAM.

If suddenly your electricity goes off, you will be able to run your wifi router uninterruptedly for at-least 8 hours connecting with the wgp mini ups.

It has a few different models such as  5:9:12v, 5:12:12v and 12V3A volts. You can use 3 devices simultaneously according to the voltage through a Mini UPS.

U.D.G can assure you the 100% genuine product of wgp.


WGP Mini UPS in bd

Customer Experience


People were looking for such a device in Bangladesh for a long time because it is very annoying when they have to spend hours and hours being lazy with fiber-optic broadband lines at such a high cost just because of load shedding !


Finally U.D.G – Useful Daily Gadgets is the best solution to an e-commerce site. People have brought a mini dc ups of wgp brand to the market which is considered to be a very effective solution to me. This device is capable of an ONU / MC (Fiber-Optic signal receiver) with WIFI Router and can give backup to 2 devices for 8 hours in a row. Besides, you can also recharge your mobile phone at least once. After using it during online gaming (PUBG) now I don’t know when the current came and went !!!